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We carefully hand pick the accommodation we use on tours and training camps, whether it be unique resorts with peaceful ambiences or the luxurious surroundings of a 5* hotel such as the Intercontinental, you know they will have been selected for their quality and comfort as well as their special locations, views and facilities.

Our philosophy is that we don’t only want you to enjoy your experience on the bike, but we want you enjoy the accommodational facilities just as much, we want you to know at the end of hard day in the saddle you are going to be rewarded with an excellent place to stay and relax, in fact this is one of the major differences that we see between ourselves and the other tour operators, we pride ourselves on hand picking these hotels and resorts and they constantly reviewed for their suitability and standards. We use no hotel or resort that does not achieve at least 8* rating on Trip Advisor.

We use no hotel or resort that does not achieve at top rating on Trip Advisor.

Here are some of the accommodation units we use

Mode Sathorn Hotel

Carefully decorated with fashionable lifestyle design, offers you immaculate business services, a pleasurable Borisud Pure Spa, incredible views from the rooftop bar at the 38th floor and a mouth-watering dining service with Thai specialties, daily buffet breakfasts and delicious cocktails and tapas. Enjoy an ideal hotel for business and leisure trips for couples and families in Bangkok.

Sunshine paradise resort

Escape from it all to a tranquil beach undiscovered by tourist crowds, where calm shallow waters and pristine white sands await. This charming destination at Rumra Beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan is a hidden gem where beach lovers can unwind in stylish accommodation steps away from the sand and enjoy nature inspired activities, delicious dining and warm friendly service.

Armoria Village

Armonia Village is a perfect retreat for all those people seeking peace for a relaxed holiday style. In a welcoming and traditional southern environment you will be surrounded by peace and tranquillity where to enjoy a vacation in complete harmony with yourself, the natural enviroment and the tranquil atmosphere among the Village's guests and residents.

Kuraburi Greenview

Located alongside the scenic Phuket - Ranong coast highway yet surrounded by lush tropical rainforest of Phang-Nga, Thailand, the Kuraburi Greenview Resort is a true getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Want to extend your tour with a few extra days? Ask for more details on our preferred hotels, below are some examples

T Villa

Sunset at T-VILLA, Naiyang Beach in Phuket Island has the concept of Thai traditional atmosphere with native, grassy scenery surroundings and with fully-equipped facilities available. It will only take a few minutes to get to Naiyang Beach, Phuket International Airport and about half an hour to Phuket downtown and shopping centers. T-VILLA is accommodates for family travelers, honeymoon couples, or bunch of friends with its 75 rooms services.

Breakfasts, lunches, diners and ravitaillement

We take fueling our riders with the very best food and refreshments is very important to not only how much you can put into the cycling, but also how much you enjoy the trip.

Unlike some of the other tour providers in the country we, include almost every breakfast, lunch and diner on our tours with only a couple of rest days being the exception. Even our Hua Hin based training and coaching camps, a high quality breakfast is always included.

Food is very important on our trips, we simply want you to experience the world famous Thai cuisine and in fact on some of tours, we don’t only supply you with the fabulous food, but we actually include free Thai cooking class so you learn how to make it yourself. Some our clients have often commented that our tours are not only cycling adventures, but also a gourmet holiday too. Our guides not only know how to guide, but they also know how to create delicious Thai meals.

Our Guides always choose the very best local restaurants in each stopping location, everyday the guides will choose 5 different dishes for everyone to try, ensuring there will be something that everyone likes (special deity requirements can be requested in advance). There are many variations of local cuisine, depending on the area we are visiting, your guides will be happy to share the information and history relating to them.

During each days riding your will also be provided with snacks, electrolyte drinks, water, sugary fizzy drinks, fresh fruits and Thai deserts such as sticky rice and Mango.

The only thing we don’t supply is alcoholic drinks, they are readily available everywhere, but we obviously don’t recommend the consumption of alcohol whilst riding, but there is nothing to stop you enjoying some evening drinks after a hard day on bike, just watch out for those hangovers

Minibus (support vehicle)

We place your safety and comfort, so all of our tours are supported by a minibus that will carry all your luggage to each stopping point.

There is always room in the minibus incase anyone feels tired and needs a break.

We also carry many spare parts, wheels, tools, basically everything we need if you have a mechanical issue and the knowledge of how to fix it and get you moving again.

We also carry electrolyte drinks, water, sugary fizzy soft drinks, snacks, fruits, these are available free when ever you require them.

One thing that separates us from most other tour operators in the country is our minibus driver is constant radio mike contact with the lead guide, so not only do we have eyes on you from the bike, but we have eyes on you from the elevated drivers position, informing the lead guide of any safety issues ahead or behind us.

Guides, drivers and Team Leaders

We have a very helpful, friendly and experienced group of staff, all with specialized roles ensuring no detail is over looked and ensuring you have a fantastic tour or training camp.

We have three experienced guides that speak a multitude of languages, 3 drivers that know these routes intimately. Unlike another tour operator we are aware of in the country, we have a fully UK qualified cycling coach with proven race pedigree, available for the training camps in Hua Hin and on some selected tours.

We also have dedicated backroom staff that take care of all our logistics.

On every tour with 5 or more participants booking, there will a tour leader that speaks English, German, French, Luxembourgish and Thai.

Not only do we take our cycling seriously, but we take every aspect of our companies staff mentality and ability very seriously too. We all know our jobs very well and we know what is expected of us.


Its important to us that you are fully insured for your trip, although we rarely experience accidents and there many first class hospitals, we do require that you provide us with a copy of your insurance details before we can allow you to join the tours and training camps.

A lot of inexpensive holiday insurances cover cycling, we do need proof of this.